HANNAH – Emma James

CAZ – Madeleine MacMahon

EBI – Andy McLeod

BESS – Libby Liburd

MAN – James Barbour


Designer - Erin Green

Stage Manager – James Barbour

Image Design – Guy J Sanders

Website and Brand Design – Little Upstart

Script Consultant – Stewart Pringle

Casting – Lucy Hagan-Walker

Press – Borkowski PR

Production Imagery - David Monteith-Hodge


This year the number of estimated homeless people in the UK has risen above 250,000, a staggering number and telling of a society that is leaving it’s most vulnerable members behind with alarming regularity.

KINGS delves into the world of London’s hidden homeless. It explores the lives of loss, hunger, desperation and danger taking place right in front of us, yet so rarely discussed.

KINGS fuses Smoke & Oakum’s trademark quick-fire dialogue with a magical and unnerving storyline that takes you into a world we’d rather ignore.

* * *

Bess and Hannah are waiting. Sleeping rough each night on the streets of London they’re hoping for help to arrive, for a house to become available and for life to change, but they’ve been waiting a long time. As the nights once again start to get colder and nothing appears to be changing, their patience in the system and their faith it’ll all come right is all they have left. Until, that is, they meet Caz, a young woman new to the life of the hidden homeless. She isn’t content to wait quietly and ask nicely for spare change, she’s far more interested in taking what she needs and not waiting for help to come. As Hannah and Bess get drawn further into this new way of thinking they discover a power in their position that opens up a world change.

* * *

Special thanks must go to David Byrne and the team at New Diorama for their continued support of Smoke & Oakum Theatre, Sam Carrack for all his brilliant work, former cast members Helen Belbin and Isaura Barbé-Brown, Julia Tyrrell, Dom O’Hanlon, Beth Moss, Gregor Cubie, Fenella Dawnay, Sir David and Primrose Bell, Tom Stoppard, Moira Buffini and Michael Frayn, the Peggy Ramsay Foundation, Crisis, Centrepoint and Lisa Maxwell.